So, you just had your DREAM man propose to you, and now your over the moon excited! There are so may steps that come next! First, choosing a date! Second, choosing the venue, and then the most exciting one THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Once you have these three things set, you are all in the green! I would love to take you out for coffee (see my about me!!) and chat about your dream vision for your wedding day!



The best day of your entire life will be on this day! You NEED someone to capture those intimate moments. Someone who loves, well.. love! I love capturing those timeless memories where your dad sees you for the first time, and he melts because his baby girl is getting married. I strive to capture those moments you look back on, and shed a few tears (or a lot of them!) every time you see them. 



So, I guess I'm bias, and I believe one of the most important day of your life needs an amazing photographer. You believe that too! So lets sit down, (over coffee of course!) and talk about your vision, and time frames! I love organization on wedding days. So, I'll help you prepare for the best day of your life! Also, this is a great time for you to see if you like me! I have been known to smile ALOT and talk a lot! Hopefully you love to smile and talk too! <3



I'm a big believer in getting to know my couples! I am known to be a people person. I love investing in lives, just as much as I love getting to know the beautiful people that I am photographing! After the consultation we will find a perfect time for your engagement photos. This will help me meet you one on one again, and you get to learn my style of posing so you will be PROS on the wedding day!



Your big day is finally here! The final step in the Ashlea Snell Experience is your actual wedding day! The day some of you have waited for, forever it feels like. I am here to help you feel the best and least stressed you ever thought was humanly possible. I love helping your day be captured but not only with photos but with the emotions you feel on the actual day of your wedding. That goes a long way when your looking back on your photos! 


You've read about the Ashlea Snell Bridal Experience, now you're super excited about booking!
I am so excited to hear from you!! Please use the contact me form so I can see if your date is available! <3
I sure hope it is, just as much as you do!