Devery & Al | Private Barn

Well it’s always fun to shoot a wedding when you know some of the guests, but it’s REALLY fun when you've met the bride and best friend of the bride, and god-daughter OF the bride before the wedding! We absolutely loved being a part of Devery and Al's beautiful fall wedding. It was a perfect 60 something degrees and the overcast skies spread across and all around the windows of the gorgeous old barn that they were married in. It was a dream wedding day from beginning to end. I loved being a part of this day!

God blessed Devery with an amazing man who loves her kids, loves her and treats her like a queen. Some of their greatest friends stood up beside them and just were thrilled for them to finally be able to tie the knot! BOTH TOASTS included something about Al's character and how their relationship was such a beautiful picture. Her sister Sydney definitely prepared the speech of all speeches that include quite an amazing song with the bridesmaids backing her up! So fun!  

It was such an honor to capture Devery and Al's love. AND I may be a little biased but I think Devery's veil and dress was gorgeous…. lets be honest, her dress had pockets!! I can’t wait for you to see this gorgeous day! The beautiful horses, the fall colors, the crazy high rafters in the barn… it was all so photogenic!!! Enjoy the visual story of their day!!



Chelcie and Zack | Family

I usually don't blog a lot of my family sessions, because i'm mainly a wedding photographer! But, I couldn't help but share this beautiful fall family session with  you guys! Zack and Chelcie are some friends of one of my brides! They are two of the sweetest people, and their little guy was just adorable! Something I can't help but love about fall session, are all of the colors. I love to embrace the full on fall colors and love the pop that they give. As you can see their sweet boy Cameron gave his momma a beautiful bouquet to hold, which was just so sweet in the first place! But this family not only came out with a crazy scheduale to out run the rain, but they drove two hours up, JUST for me to get family photos of them, for that i'm so so honored. I can't wait to see you guys again someday Chelcie, thank you guys for being ever so cute! I hope you guys love this sweet family session! <3 


Sue and Josh | Waupaca WI

Sue and Josh’s fall wedding at The Crystal River Inn was a beautiful mix of glamorous and rustic fall style! Inspired by the colors of the season and the scenic views of the labyrinth field, the couple chose a classic autumn color palette of red, beige, and gold accented with orange and cranberry, which looked beautiful against the rustic vibes of the venue. Their impressive DIY skills also came in handy with the groom making the card box and the bride making all of the decor at the reception! I'm in love that Sue took the time to make her family and close friends feel special by making the entire day, a small intimate wedding. The ceremony took place at the Red Mill in Waupaca, and it was so so beautiful! I hope you guys love the first of many fall weddings around the state! <3 


Nicole & Brad | Engagement

Nicole had warned me guys... she said I would get growled at by Harley. Well, when she opened the door of their truck - lets just say i'm pretty sure I passed out. 

Thursday's engagement session was so so intimate. These two already have made little family with two of the CUTEST (uhm.... I can't emphasis enough... lets just say SO MUCH CUTENESS!) puppies ever! One named Harley, and another one... yes - you guessed it Davidson! Brad owns a Harley, and so it was only fitting! 

I had spoken to Nicole many times before her engagement session along with her warning me her dog Harley would act big and bad, but I told her no fear because I adore all the dogs! Instantly Brad and Nicole just seriously jumped into the all lovey-dovey stage in the first few minutes of our session, which was awesome! They killed it ;) 

I'm just so in love with this couple (and of course their sweet dogs). I can't wait wait for their beautiful wedding next year! It will be here before we know it! <3 




Alanna & Aaron | Engagement Session

I can't even begin to start on how much I love these two! Okay, I have to admit something! It was so so horrible of me (and future brides, because of this instance It will never happen again!) A few mondays ago, let just say it was one of those horrible mondays that like nothing in the world could make this day go any worse than it had been going.... and then it did. I got the sweetest message on Facebook.... "Hi Ashlea, we are sitting at **** and were wondering what time you would be here?" As I was in pure freak out mode, "oh my goodness Ashlea you had a wedding consultation today" I leaped out of my PJs and ran to throw on clothes, and pretty much made it to this place I was meeting them in 5.6 minutes which is like record time from my house! Anyway, by this time I was 20 minutes late - long story short, I learned a few things. 

1) Never be late again... well like set 50 alarms! 

2) These two were so patient and kind, even when they had every right not to be! I mean come on - how horrible right? 

3) I talked and talked and just fell in love with Alanna and her precious spirit. 

She has such a gentleness to her, I can't explain. I was so excited for their engagement session! (and I was way on time by the way) And just as I knew they would they killed it! Aaron just smiled from eye to eye during the whole session, and I even got him to admit it was actually "fun"! So awesome! I hope you guys love these two as much as I do! enjoy these gorgeous Spencer Lake photos! <3

Brittaney and Nate | Waupaca Ale House

I can't even think of where to start with these two. We all three met because of a mutual friend (also the amazing maid of honor) Alex. When Brittaney and I first met, she strikes you as a Jackie Kennedy kinda lady. Super classy, soft spoken, and just all around lovely. The day started off on a gorgeous friday afternoon, with the perfect amount of sun, and shade mixed in! Brittaney and her girls arrived from the salon all bright eyed, and thrilled that Nate and Brittaney were FINALLY going to get married! As you can tell, these two had so much poise, and grace! Just simple looks and gestures that Brittaney did proved she was just so perfect to be one of my brides! 

The day was also filled with red roses, and gorgeous babies breath, and wow did it all incorporate ever so perfectly. The bridesmaid's burgundy dresses were also just a perfect start to the fall weather that had just hit up here in Waupaca! The day went by so so smooth with the help of all of their loved ones, and closest friends. Nate shared the most beautiful cry i've ever seen with any groom - full... on ... tears... He was so thrilled and everyone could tell because he made us all choke up with his cry the first time he layed eyes on Brittany! 

Nate and Brittaney, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day. I wouldn't trade it for anything to be there with you guys that day!

Lanna & Bryant | Waupaca, WI

When I met Lanna and Bryant the first time, I KNEW their wedding was going to be just spectacular for so many reasons. 1. Bryant adores Lanna! Within seconds of being with them, they both just lit up around each other and I just loved it! 2. Okay, these two are SO photogenic! I mean like the whole 20 minutes I was taking photos - none of them turned out bad... how is that even possible? I'm not even sure, but its so true. 3) Lanna has the most precious personality. We met a few times before the wedding, and it just clicked! I knew I wanted her and Bryant to be an Ashlea Snell couple. So, to say the least I've been thrilled about their wedding since I took their photos almost a year ago. 

The day finally arrived, and they didn't disappoint.  I showed up at Lanna's house, and all her bridesmaids were just the prettiest girls, let me tell you! Everyone was so so welcoming, and with just that comment, when everyone is so nice to me when I first meet them, i KNOW it will be an amazing day! 

Lanna put her dress on and within seconds everyone in the house was "oohing and ahhhing!" Her mother shed a few tears as she stared at her gorgeous daughter - then we all scurried to the church! 

Surrounded by all their family and friends, they said their vows, shared a kiss, and that was it. After the long awaited time, they were finally married!

Lanna and Bryant, thank you guys so much for choosing ME to capture your day, I know you two will live such a wonderful happy life, and with God's help grow to love each other more and more very day! 


Victorian Bridal

Audio Axentz

Crystal Falls New London

The Flower Pot Manawa (Lori)

Trout Bum Bakery

Faith Community Church

Xecutive Limo

Amy and Tony | Spencer Lake Wedding

It all started that morning at Spencer Lake Christian Camp in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Amy and Tony wanted their engagement photos done here a year ago, and I loved how they turned out, so we were all three thrilled for the wedding! When I first showed up, it was pouring down rain. Okay, to put it in perspective - it was like a 100% chance of rain, and the whole reason Amy wanted this wedding at Spencer Lake was because of the outdoor location over looking the entire lake (talk about stunning views!) Her bridesmaids reassured her, they are up to anything!

They decided to push the ceremony a little later to see if they rain would die off, and they decided they were just going to do it outside anyway. Literally moments before the ceremony it stopped raining! Like, literally not drizzle or anything. We were all so so excited because of how beautiful it was outside! It wasn't too hot or too cold... well you get the picture ;) 

The ceremony went as planned, and oh was it just beautiful. Tony and Amy wrote their vows, and everyone laughed as the officiant reminded Amy that Tony "loves" when she leaves the lights on in the house always when she leaves. ( I remember this part oh so well, because I do the same thing!) 

The entire bridal party killed it during the photo time, and the lake defiantly did justice for them! It was so so worth all the rain earlier! You couldn't even tell it had rained!

We ended the reception at Oakwood Resort out in Wild Rose, and finished the night out strong. What a sweet sweet ending to a perfect day it was! Thank you Amy and Tony for being so so cute, and playing it so cool while it was pouring before your wedding! It is good luck to rain on a wedding day! :)


Dress: Allure

Florist: Sam's Club

Ceremony Venue: Spencer Lake Christian Camp

Reception Venue: Oakwood Campsites

DJ/entertainment: Record Entertainment 

Videographer: ADC Video

Cake: The Cake Guru (Tamara)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dressy at Erika's Bridal Couture

Groomsman Attire: Dubois Formalwear

Dana and Daniel | Cedar Springs Country Club

Dana and Daniel's day started off on a beautiful saturday morning at a small quaint church in Manawa! I arrived, and Dana and her girls were just lit up with excitement and smiles all over! We were so excited to jump right in everything, because every little detail was so so beautiful. She was able to have her daughter and soon to be daughters by her side, and they literally didn't leave her side all day! It was so so precious. 

Dana and Daniel are a couple, I could describe individually to be equally as patient, kind and loving as the other. They waited for their perfect match, and you can tell when they are beside each other - that there couldn't be any other person to be matched up more perfectly than these two are for each other! 

Daniel just lit up (and shed a few tears) when he saw Dana headed down the Isle! This was such an intimate, sweet ceremony I love watching them because they literally just were adoring each other the entire time!

As the night went on, at the reception after my second shooter and I may have shed a few tears during Daniel's girls speeches to Dana becoming their new mom (let me tell you there wasn't a dry eye) the speeches were just perfect and so fitting for the evening. 

To wrap this entire wedding up in a small box and send it away, I would seriously love to describe it nothing but elegant, and classy. Just simply so so beautiful. Thank you Dana and Daniel for allowing me to be part of your wonderful amazing day! <3

Florist: The Flower Pot 

Dress- David's Bridal 

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Groomsman Suits: Men's Wearhouse

Flower Girl Dresses: David's Bridal

Reception: Cedar Springs Golf Course

Second Shooter: Abby Park Photography

DJ: Midwest Sound

Invitations: Vista Print

Cake: Sam's Club

Ceremony: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Alexis and Jacob | Appleton, WI

Starting this blog post off, i'm just sitting and thinking about all the times before the wedding I met with Alexis and Jacob. Alexis, over the past few months we had met so many times (and snap chatted!) and I loved getting to know who she was as a person! She is so kind, and genuine, and inviting. I'm so so glad she had found Jacob (and Jacob was so lucky to have found her!) But, after months of knowing how excited she was for certain times of her wedding day, I received a call the day before her big day, telling me news no one ever wants to, or even imagines of hearing. The wedding day jitters, i'm sure just faltered, kinda were just paused for a moment in my mind and my heart ached for her. I knew that the next day, this wedding would just show so much more emotion, sadness, heartache, BUT would also include so much MORE love, joy, happiness - and it did.

The next day, it started off as a beautiful sunny (perfect weather!) day! It was an outdoor wedding at Doty Park in Appleton and it was absolutely perfect for a wedding outside! Alexis was so excited to marry Jacob and they were both just glowing the whole day! Alexis and her bridesmaids that morning went and got fresh flowers from the fresh market, which really added a gorgeous touch during the ceremony and detail shots! 

Everything was so so simple, but I could just tell everyone just loved being with each other, and it was just a sweet time of capturing so much happiness with their friends and family! 

Alexis and Jacob can be described with two words - FUN and IN LOVE! I'm pretty sure anyone who knows these two, KNOW how much fun they are and how madly in love they are for one another! Jacob is so so good to Alexis! Yes, of course he picks at her, but he definantely knows how to make her laugh! For instance, during her engagement session, he literally attacked her neck and said she wasn't giving a real smile! I loved it so much! 

The whole day flowed so well, her vendors did an exquisite job on all the details, and the bridal party had everyone laughing all night! ;) 

Alexis and Jacob, thank you for being so classy and so kind. I really feel like I have known you guys forever, and I seriously hope to keep in touch! <3 You two are so precious! 

Baylynn and Jaz | Homestead Meadows

Baylynn and Jaz's wedding day was one of the most emotional ones to date. It had been 7 months since they had seen each other, which made it SO much more precious! I have never been to Homestead meadows but after Sunday, i'm shocked and I want to go back again sometime!! (so beautiful! Baylynn and Jaz are both kind, gracious people with such a heart for one another! Because they were so relaxed, it made the whole wedding day seem to be a stress free day! She was the most content, quiet bride - just soaking up every second of the day she's been waiting for, for a long long time! Jay's emotions, including the first time he saw her, was one of the most emotional expressions i've seen in a while! They both couldn't stop shedding those tears of joy, and love. That emotion is what I as a photographer LIVE to capture. Another special detail, is that Jaz was wearing his military suit, (ah! so nice) but then Baylynn had a sweet bow, and his badge to cherish and incorporate into her details. It was a perfect touch. The weather started out cloudy, and everyone started to slightly worry with the ceremony outside, but I reassured them rain is good luck  ;) Also, we may or may not have held up the reflector over the brides head for a few shots while the rain was coming down! haha we were thankful it stopped raining and the rest of the day was beautiful! 
Baylynn and Jaz, thank you for allowing me to be a part, and capture your perfect day. Also, Jaz thank you for your service. We have the freedom we have today because of men like you, for that we are ever thankful! Have fun in Michigan you two <3



CEREMONY VENUE: Homestead Meadows

RECEPTION VENUE: Homestead Meadows

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashlea Snell Photography

FLORIST: Branching Out and Company

CAKE ARTIST: Manderfield's Bakery 

BAND/DJ: Dan with Midwest Sound


TUXES: Men's Warehouse


BRIDAL GOWN: David's Bridal

Christina and Joe | The Bog Country Club Wedding

This is SUCH a fun wedding blog to write! Lisa (the brides precious mother) contacted me a while back! I'm always so so interested how people find me hours away! I'm so thankful to my wonderful photographer friends who recommend me! That's what happened in this case! Lisa called and asked if I travel (uh, YES!) and I gladly said, "of course I do!!" So, after talking a while I found out that Christina's family is in California, and Joe's family is from Wisconsin - SO they had TWO WEDDINGS! So jealous, right? It was super unique for me because they had already had their first "wedding" the saturday before this! I was so so impressed how thoughtful they were of all their family in Wisconsin! Anyways, Fast forward to the day of. I walked in the room and almost died, "Christina, (first of all I'm Ashlea, its so nice to meet you) you are stunning!" Guys, let me tell you the hair, the makeup, the dress, everything - Christina was gorgeous! I kept saying, "I can't wait for bride and groom portraits because that dress is going to be oh so perfect." The day went by like a dream. Such a fairy tale theme, and you could just feel joy and love oozing everywhere Joe and Christina went. Their parents and grandparents were some of the most precious people i've ever spoke to, and I highly enjoyed the day I spent with them. Christina and Joe, congrats!! I's so happy for you guys, and wish you the happiest and fullest life together! I know the Lord will bless you two immensely! <3 

Enjoy these beautiful images! I was swooning and couldn't stop looking at them myself! 


Anna & Harley | Waupaca Country Club Wedding

About a year ago, Anna and I met at the dog park for the first time! Loonnnggg story short, we followed each other on Facebook and tried to make our dogs have a playdate! haha well, we were both so busy (so sad) and Thor and Cyrus never got to play, BUT because of our many chats about our puppies and how much we adore them, she found out I did photography! We chatted, and I was SO excited she wanted me to photograph her wedding! Okay guys, Anna and Harley are like the modern day Cinderella and Prince Charming! Harley is so so good to Anna, and I've loved watching their relationship grow! 

So, the day FINALLY came! 6-10-17! We were SO ready to be a part of their day! We walked in the room and it was filled with beautiful blush colors, gold and gorgeous floral arrangements - oh and SPARKLE DRESSES! My favorite. Anna got her girls beautiful floral robes, and the room was amazing and filled with natural light! YES! So, I got to work on getting those perfect shots which was so easy because it was so so beautiful everywhere I looked at the country club! We were able to take Anna out right before the wedding and grab some bridals which are a dream! Then the ceremony was one of the most intimate ceremonies i've ever seen. The whole day went so perfect, all the way down to food. Guys, they had the best food i've ever had at a wedding... PIZZA AND A TACO BAR! haha! I almost died it was amazing! I think we all ate a little too much!! This day was nothing short of perfect, for a perfect couple. I'm so thankful for Anna and Harley for allowing me to be a part of their gorgeous day! I hope you can just feel a small bit of the love and joy in the blog below! <3

Samantha & Travis | Wausau Country Club Wedding

Happy friday everyone! Here in Waupaca, its a gorgeous morning! The sun is shining, and its a perfect day to share a beautiful, elegant Wausau wedding! I'll be honest, I can't even remember how Samantha found me! She lives in Janesville, WI and I got an inquiry from here and she mentioned they were getting married in Wausau! Well, ONE I love traveling, TWO this couple y'all ... they are gorgeous! So the first time we ended up meeting in person was for their engagement session! If you guys remember ways back like last October! Anyways, the long awaited day had finally come! Samantha and Travis have been dating since sixth grade.... yes, you read that right! They've been waiting to get married seriously for over 12 years!!! When the brother gave a speech he mentioned it was never a matter of "if" Sam and Travis were meant to be... it was always "when". My heart melted. Those speeches always get me. Travis and Samantha are so fun to work with and it was an honor as always to be a part of your big day! Enjoy! <3 


Lanna & Bryant | Engagement

I kinda first met Lanna at a previous Ashlea Snell Bride's wedding! She was a cousin of the groom I believe, so as soon as she got engaged, I was so happy to get to meet her "for real" in person (somewhat again! haha) We met at a little coffee shop downtown and I was able to meet her and get to know her vision for her wedding day! I was thrilled to be able to go through the booking process with her, and i'm so excited to be able to shoot her wedding in just a few months!! Lanna is one of those gorgeous brides, every photographer wants to have! Her smile is so contagious, so I knew for the engagement session when I met Bryant for the first time, that I was about to see that guy thats head over heals for his fiance! Oh, was I so right, Bryant was just the sweetest guy, and to see Lanna and Bryant pose together it made my heart just melt! Goodness, just a few more months until you get to see their  wedding photos, but until then, enjoy their adorable engagement photos! <3